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FEEDING SCHEMES : Feeding our Future

Millions of children in South Africa are tragically stunted for growth due to poor nutrition. Stunting not only impacts their physical development, but more importantly their cognitive development impacting their future. 

The Dis-Chem Foundation and Futurelife partnership supports 5000 children across the Gauteng and KZN with breakfast packs on a monthly basis providing 100  000 meals in total. The Dis-Chem foundation and Futurelife have extended their partnership to HOPE worldwide SA as an implementation organisation, which identifies and selects deserving communities and beneficiaries from peri-urban areas across the provinces. 

This program aims to alleviate poverty by ensuring that children aged 0-6 years old receive the right nutritious breakfast which has all the right vitamins and nutrients for their development. The partnership between Futurelife, the Dis-Chem Foundation and HOPE worldwide SA seeks to address this major challenge.

Dis-chem are pharmacists who care about impoverished families with no basic food and shelter, while Futurelife’s vision is to spread health and happiness to as many people as possible by helping them make the right nutritional choices. We started this partnership in June 2020, agreeing to provide 50 000 meals a month.

Due to the positive feedback and support, Futurelife and Dis- Chem doubled their contribution from 50 000 meals a month to 100 000 as of May 2021 and are currently feeding 100 000 nutritious meals monthly, distributed through HOPE worldwide SA.