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In a new Initiative, the DIS-CHEM foundation and FUTURELIFE have partnered to help alleviate hunger and malnutrition amongst South African Children, in the hope of helping them thrive through proper nutrition.In South Africa, more and more children do not have long term access to balanced and nutritious food. Today, leading health care professionals in some of the biggest hospitals in the country have identified that we are experiencing the highest number of malnutrition cases when compared to previous years.

The DIS-CHEM foundation and FUTURELIFE are committed to donating 50 000 nutritious meals a month to children in need. The partnership brings together the core purpose of both organisations in a new way. The DIS-CHEM Foundation are pharmacists who care about impoverished families with no basic food and shelter, while the FUTURELIFE vision is to spread health and happiness to as many people as possible by helping them make the right nutritional choices. The 50 000 meals will be administered through Hope Worldwide to provide children with the right nutrition for them to grow and learn.

Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church:

We provide them with 20 000 meals every month.

St Martins:

We provide them with a monthly cash donation.

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