The Science



MODUCARE® is a daily immune supplement made from a patented blend of natural plant sterols and sterolins in a ratio of 100:1. Internationally recognised research has shown that this blend may help to support a healthy and balanced immune system.

MODUCARE® is provided to FUTURELIFE® under the license of ASPEN Pharmacare.

How Does MODUCARE® Work?

Plant sterols and sterolins are plant fats found in all plant-based foods.  Sterolins are known as glucosides, which are molecular structures joined to the sterols.  Sterolins are easily destroyed and without it the sterol does not have the same immune-enhancing benefits.  Plants can never contain sterols alone.

Sterols and sterolins allow the immune system to regulate itself: upregulating an underactive response and downregulating an overactive one.

When we are exposed to stressors our adrenal glands secrete the stress hormone cortisol, causing a corresponding drop in our anti-aging and immune enhancing hormone dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

Plant nutrients called sterols and sterolins effectively modulate cortisol, control Interleukin-6 and naturally increase DHEA to combat the pro-inflammatory effect of the imbalances in the body and thus enhances our immunity to fight a fair fight.

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