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FitSlim Challenge - 2022

FitSlim Challenge -  2022

The background to the challenge. 

There are MANY organisations which offer either a Weight loss or a fitness challenge… there are, however, very few that can offer a challenge which combines the two. 

This is what the FitSlim Challenge is all about. It is a Challenge which takes account of BOTH WEIGHT LOSS and FITNESS.  Participants are recognised for both their weight loss as well as the number of Run/Walk For Life sessions they attend (Fitness). 


For the challenge, WEIGHT LOSS and FITNESS are weighted as follows:

Weight loss:  50%                (Kilograms lost as a percentage of start weight)

Fitness:          50%                (Number of RWFL sessions attended – max 3 per week)

 Members can enter as INDIVIDUALS or as members ot a Team (4 people).



8-week eatForLife membership: Weight management programme/diet – this will be a personal diet individually tailored for each member

  • Weekly theme newsletters and fact sheets from eatForLife
  • Live broadcast/talk shows by our Head Dietician where members can ask questions and listen to various talks on Nutrition.
  • Weekly weight monitoring at Club


RWFL Exercise programme (an 8-week RWFL membership)

  • Medical Screening
  • Shoe advice
  • Fitness benchmarking and tracking
  • Scientific exercise programme


  • A chance to win National, or Group prizes, with a total value of R100 000


New members


(No activation fee is payable)


Current RWFL members and any Inactive member



Non-RWFL members:       R520

RWFL members:               R310

(Teams consist of 4 members)



The Challenge lasts for 8 weeks.

Start date:                Monday 5 September

Finish date:             Saturday 29 October (the last day of the Challenge)

Please note: All final weigh-ins must be captured on the system by midday 30 October.

Participants may sign up for the Challenge ANYTIME on or before the 4th  of September. NO LATE ENTRIESwill be allowed.


  1. Individual members

Prize winners are not able to win prizes in more than one category, and will only qualify for a single prize (This excludes the group prize.)  Prize winners will qualify for the prize in the “highest” category and will not be eligible for prizes in the categories feeding into the more senior prize which they win. 

This year, we will have the following prize categories available:   

- 1st, 2nd and 3rd place nationally. 

- 1st place groups (Groups consist of 4 members each.)

Please note that an entrant can WIN one of the 3 national prizes and be a winner as part of group.

Participants could also be a regional winner and a winner as part of a group. (We will confirm if regional prizes will be available before the marking for FitSlim 2022 kicks off.)


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